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http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Sharon_Davies - Sharon was a black girl from Blackcastle who got sucked into a black hole, where she was hit by the black light radiation from the Black Sun and everyone got turned into zombies by the Black Star Drive. Trivia: The Doctor refers to the Black Guardian.

Well, points for effort, 1970’s DW team. Points for effort. 


The first black companion everybody, Sharon Davies.


She predated Mickey Smith by 26 years and Martha Jones by 27 years. 

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Anonymous asked: a new regeneration cycle for him. Like, for goodness sakes. Martha walked across the world for the Doctor. Like, great. However, you can't discredit Clara for being as badass just because you're upset that Martha doesn't get as much credit as Clara does (for good reason considering Clara's saved the Doctor 1000x over). I have NO problem with Martha, but Martha fans who seek to discredit the other companions piss me the hell off. She was great, but so aren't other companions. Get the fuck over it

I know what Martha did I have made detailed posts as to why I find her to be the best companion and not just because she walked the world by herself for the Doctor. Your flippant remark, “Like, great” to me sounds like you’re discrediting all that Martha achieved.

My intention was to never discredit Clara but state why I don’t understand how people can view her as better than Martha when in the scope of things, to me, it doesn’t seem like she did as much.

Martha saved the Doctor multiple times during her time with him (which I talk about in this here: http://blackladynerd.tumblr.com/post/36965611383/martha-jones-why-i-believe-she-deserves-more-respect

So yes I can be “upset” that Martha doesn’t get the credit that Clara receives because she too has saved the Doctor many times all without being some huge plot device.

Clara saves the Doctor those many times because of the plot device of her jumping through the timeline, which I stated felt like gave her too much weight, but I never denied that she saved him.

I also like other companions and each companion has contributed something to help the Doctor, THAT’S WHY THEY’RE HIS COMPANIONS! I never set out to discredit the other companions. I have never said Clara didn’t receive credit I just don’t feel she’s done as much. (Yes despite her jumping in the timeline thing, I get it)

I even said I hope that Clara is given more to do next season. I’d love to see her have more agency and be “badass”.

So why don’t you “get the fuck over it”?

You like Clara and I like Martha that’s what this comes down to.

The end.

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Anonymous asked: other dimension. In Cold War, she manages to get through to Skaldek due to her love and understanding. In Day of the Doctor she manages to save Gallifrey (which was one of the episodes you FAILED to mention... probably because she was too badass in that episode and your point would be completely INVALID), in Name of the Doctor, she saves the Doctor by jumping into his timeline and you can't discredit her for it because it DOES happen. And in Time of the Doctor she even starts (cont)

Yup but the Skaldek still isn’t completely stopped by her “love and understanding” she gets through to it for a moment. With that said what I did say about the episode still wasn’t incorrect or discrediting her. 

I honestly completely FORGOT to mention Day of the Doctor because I forgot she was even in it! I wasn’t leaving it out on purpose so I could keep my point from being “INVALID” as you assume. I just didn’t remember her “badass-ness”. 

I did mention her role in Name of the Doctor and how she jumped into his timeline. I don’t discredit her because I clearly state what happens and I say its the most she’s done all season. Never did I deny that she saved the Doctor or did anything that she did.  I just feel she shouldn’t have been given so much importance in relation to the series as a whole. 

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Anonymous asked: Okay, but the thing is... all of those episodes you discredit Clara for are episodes that she saved HIM. You're neglecting to credit Clara for her genuineness because apparently it's not something that is praised in a human being. No, I don't think Martha's that fantastic. I don't hate her, I actually like her more than Rose, Amy and River. However, in Rings of Akhaten, Clara saves the day out of her care and genuineness. In Hide, she saves the Doctor by pulling him out of (cont)

Okay I will answer each part of your asks.

I never thought you hated Martha

I definitely didn’t intend to “neglect” Clara’s genuineness. I did mention how she befriended the girl in Rings of Akhaten and how she contributed to that by giving up her leaf. I also mentioned how she saved the Doctor in Hide from another dimension. But he did go back.