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Mickey Smith was ‘useless.’

Martha Jones was ‘clingy and jealous.’

And now Danny Pink is being ‘emotionally abusive’ and ‘controlling.’

Funny how the most consistently hated characters in Doctor Who are all Black people whose only ‘crimes’ were to call out the white protagonists on their bullshit and ask to be treated with the barest amount of decency and respect.

And yet people want to tell me there’s no racism in this fandom.  Uh-huh.


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The disliking of Danny Pink is reminding me of when some TenxRose shippers hated Martha. It just feels like half the reasons are dismissive and grasping at straws to build foundless “reasons” he is a bad character only to hide the fact some of the fans just straight out don’t like him because of a desire for Clara and the Doctor to be together.

Truth! And…racism. 

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The Caretaker



This episode made me very uncomfortable. I did not like the Doctor’s reactions or interaction with Danny Pink at all. 

Everything about it was off. 

Already there is hate for Danny Pink or that he’s evil. 








They were about to flip a table for a nonwhite Doctor but a nonwhite Master is okay. And when they first released the picture of him, they were already comparing him to Mickey Smith. *sigh*

I find it strange that all the recurring people of color are hated by the fandom. Like Mickey Smith is called Mickey the idiot or a wimp. Martha Jones is hated for being clingy, useless, and for falling in love with the Doctor. 

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