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Megacon 2014

I went to Megacon this past Saturday and I had a great time.
I was there as the floor opened, spent too much money, saw/met famous people, and had lovely interactions with fellow convention-goers.


- Talking to Jim Cummings

- Seeing David Morrissey

- Danai Gurira WAVED AT ME!!



Just a great day.

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theexactlee asked: Not so much a question as I wanted to tell you that John Barrowman is having a private meet and greet during MegaCon. It's Saturday night. You said you love him so I wanted to tell you. You can buy tickets here. pledgemusic(dotcom)/projects/johnbarrowman

Oh wow thank you! I hadn’t heard about this, I’m not sure if I’m going Saturday or Sunday but thanks for telling me. I’ll look into it :)