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Why We Hate Martha Jones



Well, where to begin…?

She was so jealous of Rose:

Hated her in fact

She was completely useless:

Once more: useless

A third time: useless

No interesting personality traits- imagine how awesome it would have been had they made her, for example, a total geek like us:

And she…

Oh thank god at first I thought you guys were serious I was about to go on all ranty

I was getting all geared up for a fight. Whew!

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randomanyway asked: Hello fellow nerd of the darker shade! Doctor Who is my all time favorite show. You are so not alone out here! I get super jealous when i see anyone wearing Doctor Who gear cuz i still dont hav any. I plan to get a key chain, a t-shirt and a mug sometime soon, when i get some extra money. Anyway i like anything that can have a plot twist so i range from Doctor Who to Degrassi to Glee so if you ever wanna talk tv i'm here for ya!

Lovely to meet you fellow nerd! Oh I have my Doctor Who gear, some may say I have too much. lol Not bragging though! I hope you get your stuff soon :) I used to watch Degrassi when i was younger, I tried watching some of the newer episodes but I didn’t know who anybody was and it made me feel old. lol I never got into Glee though.

I’d love to talk TV with you though, always fun to commiserate about Doctor Who :) Are you looking forward to the 12th Doctor?

Feel free to message anytime!