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Martha Jones: Why I Believe She Deserves More Respect (Reason 1)


They’ve recently started replaying season 3 of Doctor Who on BBC America; the season of Martha Jones. As a proud Whovian I am aware of the prominent Martha hate within the fandom, a hate I just can’t seem to understand. I do understand that she took over the role of companion after the much loved Rose Tyler, which is part of the dislike, but I have seen people who are just cruel towards her for no justifiable reason.

Again I get it “She’s no Rose!”, “Rose wouldn’t do that!”, “I miss Rose”…hell even the Doctor acted like that! I understand Rose might have been your first companion, you loved her relationship/friendship with the Doctor, she was just “better” in your eyes and everyone has a right to their opinion so here is mine.

I love Martha, she is my favorite companion. I feel it’s time to spread some Martha love and unlike the baseless hate for her that I’ve seen online, I will provide the reasons.

       The first and my main reason: She saves the day & the Doctor (multiple times!)

  1.  “Smith and Jones” - Okay in her very first episode she saves the Doctor. As the Judoon arrest the plasmavore and leave the hospital Martha is forced to save the Doctor’s life. As the oxygen depletes she uses CPR to revive him, remembering he has two hearts she uses her last breath to bring him back to life!
  2.  “Shakespeare Code” – Only her second episode and once again she saves the day. As a Carrionite stops one of the Doctor’s hearts she starts it up again. Also Martha thinks of the perfect word “EXPELLIARMUS!” to conquer the Carrionites. She not only outsmarts the Doctor but William Shakespeare!  In the end saving the day.
  3.  “42” – When the Doctor is possessed by star Martha helps him into the stasis chamber to combat it.                                
  4. “Blink” - Though they don’t feature in the episode very much in the glimpse of Martha we get through the video conversation she states how she’s working in a shop to take care of the Doctor. Once again, though off-screen, she is taking care of him.
  5. *“Human Nature/The Family of Blood”* –  It is in these episodes that Martha’s strength and importance in the Doctor’s survival are really apparent. Trapped in 1913, Martha is forced to keep her eye on the Doctor, now in his human form John Smith, as they hide out from the Family of Blood. Though a medical student, Martha must become a maid in the school where John Smith works and suffer through ridicule from the students. Even disrespected, Martha fulfills her role of protector keeping an eye on the Doctor and the TARDIS. In the end she fights against the Family of Blood, endures racism/ridicule, and successfully keeps the Doctor safe. 
  6. “The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords” – Okay she walks Earth by herself for a year to save the Doctor and the world! Based on her unyielding faith in the Doctor she risks her life to tell his story. It is through her actions that the Doctor is able to regenerate into his original form through the Archangel Network. Martha Jones saves the day!
Towards the end of season 4’s "The Poisonous Sky" The Doctor thanks Martha for all her help those, “so many times”. (FINALLY!)

I will post reason 2 later. 

I’ve touched upon this briefly before here:


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